Our Values

Okan is an idea that arose from the common efforts of people with a sense of gratitude to their homeland where they grew up. Therefore the spiritual progress has a share in the growth of this idea as well as the material progress. We can gather these factors directly affect the identity of the brand under three main headings.


People-Oriented Production: Our employees are our dream partners. Thus our priority in our workflows is always to provide a platform for individual rights. We pay attention to improve the working conditions of our colleagues while aiming to achieve high efficiency with the rules we have determined by complying with legal frameworks in our production atmosphere.


Responsibility to Nature: The planet we live in is the most important legacy we will leave for future generations. As a brand, we maintain our belief that business is not only “business" with our social responsibility projects and our understanding of sustainable production.


Fair Trade & Transparent Management: We give importance to ethical elements for an honest solution partnership. Being accountable to our customers, official institutions and employees is not a necessity for us but a part of our business understanding.


"Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life."

Albert Schweitzer

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