"Every innovation always starts with a return to resources."
Edgar Morin

We are working hard for a planet where we can proudly inherit our future.
We are working hard for a planet where we can proudly inherit our future.
Respect for Nature
Okan is a brand that has accepted the responsibilities of industrialization with its mind and heart. This allows us to act with great respect for the balance of nature in every stage of our production. We care about every detail, from the journey of our preferred fabrics to the chemicals in our dyestuffs. Because this is an indication of our gratitude to Mother Nature and we work in harmony with the analysis of international organizations.
It Is Possible to Produce More by Consuming Less

Standards set by leading companies coming together for climate and environmental protection have become part of Okans optimization objectives. Thanks to CPI2s innovative approaches, we have achieved a decline by up to 8% in our energy consumption.

The Higg Index

Our data is shared with expert organizations in accordance with our transparency principle. We guide our production processes within the framework of Higg Index criteria and we strive to increase the positive contribution we make to both our employees and the environment.

We Take Our Power from the Sun

We are determined to shape the future of our brand as environmentally friendly. Therefore we built a solar power plant in our facility and we included investing in sustainable energy resources in our plans.

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